I worked out for the second time at the Y today. I was more nervous because the guys that were in the free weight area were there on Monday too. I’m fine around people I don’t know. But I don’t like being around people I either recognize or sort of know. They recognized me and said hi. Freaks me out. It is part of the reason that Curves didn’t work for me. The circle faced inwards and everyone was looking at everyone else. You also couldn’t have your own music.

But I sucked it up and did my leg workout.

Supersets of : squats and standing calf raises, deadlifts and seated calf raises, and leg adductions and abductions.

I went a little later today and by the time I was done there were actually several other women in the free weight area. Yeah! I also realized that my sweats don’t have pockets to hold the IPod. You can’t lift and hold an IPod. Hooking it in your waistband works until the first squat when it drops down your leg. Your choices then are a) Reach down your pants in front of all those guys in a mirrored room to retrieve it b) Shake your leg until it falls out the bottom c) Ignore it and pretend the light shining through your pant leg is normal. I went for B.

I found a good site the other day called Pink Dumbbells. It has information for women interested in weight lifting but not interested in hard core body building.

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  1. Don’t worry so much about the guys at the gym. One of the reasons they acknowledged you was because they had seen you before. I have noticed that guys are impressed by women (or at least they respect) who use free weights as not many do.

    I had to laugh about the whole iPod situation. Thanks for sharing that story. There might be some kind of arm band for iPods out there. Maybe you can check into that.

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It’s like the U.S. Army here. We do more before 9 AM than most people do all day. Today we left at 7:30 AM. We drove out to the beach and then walked one mile. Then Dad ran 3.9 miles while I biked 5 miles. Then we both rode another 8 miles. All I have to say is my butt hurts. My abs are also a little sore because I spent 1.5 hours last night trying to balance on a Swiss ball without touching the ground. I was getting pretty good at it when I realized that if in fact sitting on a Swiss ball builds core strength then perhaps I should quit before I worked my abs so much that I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning.

What Do You Think?