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I received my package from the Great International Secret Blog Exchange today. I laughed out loud when I saw the return address. It was from Lili! You can check out her site from the link on the right.

I got a horse newspaper from Ireland which should be very interesting to read. I’m saving it until I have time to sit down and read it all the way through. I also got a great piece of fabric for quilting and fancy chocolate. This is the type of chocolate that comes with pictures so you can identify the flavor of each piece. I spent lots of time matching the pictures to the candy and then deciding what to eat first. Now I’m going to have to ration the rest so I don’t gobble them all down at once.

Thanks Lily!!



I’m in the Great International Secret Blog Exchange! This was started by two American bloggers living in Europe. Their idea was to match bloggers in the US with ex-pat bloggers and have them exchange gifts. It would give the ex-pats a taste of their former home and would give the US bloggers a slice of life from somewhere else.

Today I got my assignment. I’m getting gifts for Liz in Sweden. I can’t list her blog yet because it’s a secret! If people were coming to her through here she’d figure it out. She requested reading material and candy. On her blog she was kind enough to have a list of all the books she’s read since 2003. I love her choices! It looks similiar to what I’ve read. I just found out about a used book store nearby so I hope to be able to go and stock up for her. Books are supposed to be just $0.25 so I can get a lot with my $20 spending limit.

They are thinking of making the exchange a semi-regular thing. See Vivi or Tracey for more info.

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