I’m heading out for the weekend to a 4-H show in PA. This is the district level show where kids try to qualify for states. My mom and I go and hang out and watch the show and make fun of outfits. After 20 some years of hanging around horse shows my mother insists that she still doesn’t know what the judges are looking for so she judges based on the quality of the kid’s outfit. Occasionally though she lets a comment slip that reveals a bit more judging knowledge then she likes to let on. This upsets her to no end. Usually we have to work as stewards and settle all the fights but I don’t think we have an official capacity this year. We’ll find out for sure when we get there.

It is a three day show that starts tonight. I’m not interested in the events tonight so it doesn’t matter what time I get there. That’s hard for me. If I have somewhere to go during a day I want to head out in the morning. It is hard for me to wait until 4:00 to set out on a road trip.

I also decided to try a new route. This is probably a bad idea. I’m working on the theory that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. There is a straight line road that seems to cut off major distance. Since I am in no hurry today I am going to try it. I will probably never be seen again and will be doomed to roam the backroads of Ohio for all eternity.

What Do You Think?

Yesterday I was back out hiking trails and mapping again. I figured out that in the last 3 days I have hiked for 7 hours. I’m only averaging about 2.5 miles an hour because of the mud and stopping to mark the trail. I also get lost sometimes and don’t count that mileage. But still it should be good for me, right? Especially since I’m carrying the equipment. It is all pretty small but probably is about 5 pounds in total. That adds some arm resistance. I weighed myself last night. I’ve gained 5 pounds. That was not exactly my hoped-for result. But I’m back off today to do more. The husband graciously left the computer here for me to go out again today. Since the first mapping day he hasn’t hiked with me. He just calls me when I’m out there and asks where I am. Like I know. Like I’m wanting to talk to him while climbing a hill in the mud at the time.

I had an escape last night. I lost control of Rosie while coming through the gate. She took Spirit and they went for a walk. I thought they’d come to the barn. Nope, they headed out around the house. Still not concerned because they’ll stop to eat. Nope, they head out to the road. They stopped in the front yard and waited for me to catch up. Then Spirit decided to head down the road. They just strolled down the center of the road. I was walking behind them using my sweetest and most loving tone on Spirit. “Spirit, baby, come on. Hey, look what I’ve got! Treats!” Whoa wasn’t working. He stopped once and looked back but Rosie circled behind him and pushed him forward. He finally stopped again and I grabbed his rope as she was circling around him again. I led them both back without further incident. I gave Rosie a stern talking to because she was limping on the gravel road. “Hurts, doesn’t it? You don’t have strong feet like Spirit. You should keep that in mind. Running away hurts. Good life lesson.”

What Do You Think?