09 May, 2005

The reading list

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I have been totally slacking in my resolution to record the stuff I’ve read this year so here’s what I remember since the last time.

Silent Partner by Stephen Fry – This is a legal fiction book. Ok to read but obviously forgettable since I can’t remember much about it.

Caucasia by Danzy Senna – This one was good. It is about two half black, half white sisters. One looks black and one looks white. It starts out examining the biases people have against them based on their apparent race. Then the parents separate and the white mother takes the white-looking girl and moves into a white community. She tries to make her forget about her black ancestry.

Mosaic by Soheir Khashoggi- This is about a Arab man who is upset over his oldest son’s homosexuality so he takes his youngest two children from their American mother and hides them in the Middle East to get them away from bad influences. The interesting thing about this book is that it manages to make the father somewhat sympathetic instead of a stereotypical villian.

Leap of Faith by Queen Noor – I highly recommend this one!! This is the autobiography of Queen Noor of Jordan. She was born in the U.S. and married King Hussein of Jordan in the 1970s. This book discussed recent Middle East history from an Arab perspective. That was interesting to me because in the U.S. you never hear that. Everything is from an Israeli perspective. I learned a lot.

Snowed In> by Christina Bartolomeo – Typical chick-lit but from me that’s high praise.

The Secret Hour by Luanne Rice – This is a mystery about a kidnapping. The main characters are interesting but the kidnapping really isn’t. The resolution of that seems contrived – almost like she had to make up an ending because she started that part of the story, not because she was really interested.

17 Mar, 2005

The reading list

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Snobs by Julian Fellowes. This is the same person who wrote the screenplay for Gosford Park. I love that movie so I gave this a try. I didn’t like this as much but it was ok. It is about a woman who marries “up” into a British family.

Lucky Man by Michael J. Fox. This is a memoir of his life as an actor and his life after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Very good and highly recommended.

Finding these next two books on the new arrivals shelf at the library thrilled me to death.

People of the Raven by W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O’Neal Gear. I first heard of these authors when I read Raising Abel the story of raising a cloned Neanderthal child. Their “People of” series is based on their work as archeologists. They start with the ffind of an artifact in the present time and then weave a story to explain how that artifact might have been made and ended up at that place. The stories are so engaging that I actually forget about the artifact that started the story in the first place until it shows up again at some point. Each of the books covers a different Native American people and timeperiod. If you like historical fiction you will love these books.

Scandal Takes a Holiday by Lindsey Davis. I love this series too. They are set in ancient Rome and feature an informer (sort of a private eye). Great mysteries, good historical fiction, and funny all rolled up into one!


  1. mrskin

    on October 20, 2006 at 2:17 am - Reply

    Looks Michael is doing well so far having Parkinson. When I first heard he had the disease, I thought he’d be dead in a few years. Glad to hear he still kicking and making a difference in the world.

  2. Heather

    on March 18, 2005 at 10:06 am - Reply

    Well, one is usually a book on tape so that is done while I’m driving all over. Then I’m just a fast reader, I guess.

  3. Nancy

    on March 18, 2005 at 7:44 am - Reply

    Hi, Heather! You left a comment at my blog, so I’m returning the favor!

  4. Jess

    on March 17, 2005 at 9:17 pm - Reply

    Okay, there are just 24 hours in a day… so how do you have time to do all that you do, and read too???

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