I just renewed my domain name for 2 more years so I have to come up with something interesting to say.

There are times when I swear I’m either not speaking English or not speaking out loud when I’m talking to clients. Those are the only possible explanations for some conversations I have. Here’s one from yesterday that I had with an apparently normal lady. I swear to God this is word for word.

Me: I’m going to give him his distemper and parvo combination and his kennel cough vaccines. His rabies is still good for 2 more years.
Her: Ok. What are you going to give him?
Me: I’m going to give him his distemper and parvo combination and his kennel cough vaccines.
Her: Ok.
Brief pause while I give the first vaccine
Her: So, what are you giving him?

Sometimes I sit back and wonder why I don’t run out of the room screaming.

I came home last night and found the newest issue of the sidesaddle magazine. I was flipping through and to my great surprise found this:


It is a scan of a bad black and white copy of a dark picture but it is me riding Prize at our sidesaddle clinic. You can’t really tell that from the picture but if you look really close you can almost make out both of my legs on Prize’s left side. I recognized Prize’s blaze and the jacket that I was wearing because it was cold in December. I’ve scheduled my next sidesaddle lesson for next Friday so maybe I can get better pictures.

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  1. Here is the rule I use:
    1. Tell them what you are going to tell them.
    2. Tell them.
    3. Tell them what you told them.
    4. Expect to tell them again if it is a man.

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Well, the husband did come back into town the next day and I have decided to let him live. I didn’t win the sidesaddle on Ebay either. So, that whole last post can be ignored.

I went to see Sideways today. I didn’t expect to like it but I did. I was in Santa Barbara county where it was shot last year about the time the film was released. People there had gone to see it and liked it mainly because they knew most of the locations. I was only there for one weekend and I knew a lot of the locations too.

The husband has this habit of keeping every piece of paper he picks up in his wallet. When his wallet would get too full to sit on he would empty out all the receipts. I finally found out why he does this. It is genetic. His mother was cleaning out his grandmother’s wallet today and found a card thanking her for giving blood. The two dates on the back of the card showing when she gave were in 1949 and 1950. The card was actually in wonderful shape. A paper in my wallet would be shredded beyond recognition in a year or two let alone 50 years.

I’m loving the new feature on BlogExplosion that lets you pick what categories you surf. I’ve been wishing for a feature like that. Now I can read mostly the personal diaries I like while skipping the pages advertising internet services. I’ve been seeing a lot of new blogs this way too. I give it two big thumbs up!

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What Do You Think?