Today is the last day of the fair and I haven’t been sworn at once.

My town is having a festival this weekend honoring the guy who wrote “Dixie.” Yeah, I think that’s his entire claim to fame but I admit I’m not up on all the local history. Apparently he lived here and they needed an excuse to have a festival so they picked him. Anyway there is a quilt show and an art fair so the husband and I are going. I asked if he wanted to go and he told me that he went with me to a quilt show before. I had no recollection of this at all. He said it was in the town where I lived when we were dating and it was at someone’s house. I told him it must have been with his other girlfriend. Now that I think about it I have vague images of him with a ballot to vote for viewer’s choice but I can’t get the location. I think I get it and then I realize that the quilt show I am seeing was not in the town I was living in when we were dating.

We’ve been together long enough now that we are starting to intrude on each other’s memories. He’ll insist that I was somewhere with him but if we think about it long enough we’ll realize it happened before we met. His insistence that He Did Something = I Was There Too is sort of sweet though.

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I’m off for the weekend. I’m heading to PA to help teach a clinic on competitive trail riding. I’ll also be pimping for my ride of course. My plan is to get them all excited about trying the sport and then slip an entry blank in front of them to sign.

I’ve signed up for something stupid tonight. I called a friend of mine to see if she wanted to go to the clinic. She’s busy tomorrow but wants to go out tonight. She has two of the worst behaved children ever. They are coming with us to see a movie. If I don’t strangle them all it will be a miracle.

Then on Sunday my mom is using me for free entertainment. She wants me to talk to her 4-H club about trail riding. Then I’ll be back Sunday night.

What Do You Think?