I went to Equine Affaire yesterday and today. It is a big trade show and has lots and lots of clinics. I went to one on flower essences. They work on helping people and animals on an emotional level. I’ve used them before and they work well.

The lecture was done by a person from Equilite. They have flower essence blends made for specific animal situations. I bought two for Prize.

“Clear Thinking – Helps animals that are unfocused, spaced-out, easily distracted, and overwhlemed by exernal stimuli, especially those that do not pay attention…”

Hopefully it helps an animal who gets so distracted at shows that she is famous for stopping during a dressage test to check out a flower growing on the side of the arena. Many times I’ve wanted to shake her and yell “FOCUS!” in her face.

“In Training Blend – Improves the animal’s patience and ability to be more tolerant and accepting of those things they do not understand or tasks they do not want to do…”

She gets frustrated with practicing something that she already “knows.” She defines “knowing” something as something she did once. She doesn’t get the concept of practicing to do it better.