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Downton Shabby

This was a fun story of how some time investigating his ancestry changed his life. What he thought would be a once in a lifetime trip to England to see this house turned into an obsession. Honestly it sounds like […]

July 2022 Foodies Read

Welcome to July 2022 Foodies Read! We had 21 entries in June. The winner of the drawing is Marc for his review of Muddled Through. Link up your reviews of any book in any genre that features food. Cookbooks, nonfiction, and […]

June 2022 Wrap Up

I read 15 books this month. There are: 4 audiobooks 5 nonfiction 5 books with LGBT main characters 7 books by POC authors Set in U.S., England, China, South Korea Nothing for my South of the Equator challenge. I’ve been […]

Reading Alexander Eberhart

I had a new author recommended to me through Kindle Unlimited. I looked at There Goes Sunday School because of the title. The description pulled me in: “In sixteen-year-old Mike Hernandez’s life, only one thing is clear: Gay is NOT […]

See No Stranger

Valarie Kaur is a Sikh woman from rural California. She was involved in political action in college. She was a witness to the effects of violence on the Sikh community after 9/11. She made a documentary film about it. She […]

Looking at Slavery

I recently listened to two audiobooks back to back that looked at the history and legacy of slavery in the United States. How the Word is Passed explores the legacy of slavery modern American places. It compares and contrasts discussions […]

The Peacekeeper

I chose this book from the Kindle First Reads selections because of the alternate world building aspect of the story. I was interested in seeing how the author envisioned a world where Europeans never colonized the Americas. How would societies […]

Deaf Utopia

Nyle DiMarco loves being Deaf. He is proud of his family, his culture, and his language. But that hasn’t always been so for Deaf people. In this memoir he compares and contrasts the way different generations of his family have […]

The Other Man

I got this book through an event on Amazon highlighting books from around the world. I was interested in to mainly because it was book about a gay relationship that was actually written by a man. You’d think that would […]

Hollow Fires

This book draws from several real events to craft a story about a boy who is murdered after he gains attention for being arrested. Jawad makes a jetpack to use in his Halloween costume. A teacher calls the police to […]

When Women Were Dragons

The Mass Dragoning of 1955 changed society. Suddenly a huge number of women were just gone. A lot of husbands and other nasty men died violently that day. And now, it just isn’t mentioned in polite society. “People are awfully […]

A book within a book

Today’s Wyrd and Wonder prompt is A book within a book.   A Discovery of Witches is all about the book. Ashmole 782 to be precise. This is an enchanted manuscript that historian Diana Bishop calls up from the Bodelian Library. […]

Unusual Weapons of Choice

I realized when I started thinking about this topic that I don’t generally read the type of fantasy stories that feature traditional weapons.  I’m much more likely to read a book that shows a person making do with what they […]

Witch Please

I found this book by scrolling through the available fantasy audiobooks on my library app. It looked cute and it works for both Wyrd and Wonder and Foodies Read. I started out listening to the audiobook but I ended up […]