Cruising in an Age of COVID

I’m on a cruise. If that just made you screech internally, you may be interested in knowing what precautions are being taken now. This was supposed to be a river cruise on the Danube in October 2020. Yeah, that didn’t […]


I’ve been reading and doing stuff.  Honestly.  What I haven’t been doing is writing.  Since I don’t seem to have enough info for a full post about anything in particular here is a list of random stuff that’s been going […]


A few years ago the husband and I went to Nice.  We didn’t have any great desire to go to France specifically but it was a good place to be based to be able to also visit Monaco and take […]

Renwick Gallery

My favorite Smithsonian museum by far and the one that I have to visit every time I’m in D.C. is the Renwick Gallery. This museum is dedicated to crafts. It is directly across from the White House by Lafayette Park […]

Neither Snow Nor Rain

“The United States Postal Service is a wondrous American creation. Seven days a week, its army of 300,000 letter carriers delivers 513 million pieces of mail, forty percent of the world’s volume. It is far more efficient than any other […]

Jackson Forest

I headed out to California over the weekend to judge a trail ride. I was wooed with promises of the ocean and redwoods.  I didn’t see any salt water but there were trees. I kept the truck in the picture […]

National Zoo

There were more than just trashy animals at the National Zoo. Of course the main draws are the real animals. The National Zoo is famous for their pandas. It was hot.   They were sleeping inside. It was so hot that […]

United States Botanic Gardens

I never even realized that there was a United States Botanical Garden until the torture/interrogation scene in Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol that takes place in the middle of the jungle room.  I’m not sure what that says about me […]

Library of Congress

I don’t know why I’ve never been to the Library of Congress. The building is beautiful. Some of Thomas Jefferson’s library remains on display and there is a copy of Common Sense. You can see the reading room but lowly […]

The Hick’s Guide to Uber

I love public transportation. I live in an area where it isn’t developed enough to make it a practical option for everyday living so when I travel to a city with a good system, I love it. We went to […]

Animal Kingdom

I ended up taking Z to Animal Kingdom because the husband got sick. They also needed a break from each other. She ended up being the best that I’ve never seen her. She was calm and focused and self aware. […]