Witch Please

I found this book by scrolling through the available fantasy audiobooks on my library app. It looked cute and it works for both Wyrd and Wonder and Foodies Read. I started out listening to the audiobook but I ended up […]


I adored this book! This is the cozy wicked witch origin story that you didn’t know you needed. It has farmer’s markets, a quaint small town, amazing banter, lots of cooking and wine, and an adorable spider who likes to […]

Becoming Crone

You all know how much I adore books with older female protagonists. What could be better than a fantasy story that starts on the main character’s 60th birthday? Claire is just out of a bad marriage. She learning to trust […]

Blind Tiger

The books that I tend to read with shapeshifters have always been more Urban Fantasy than Paranormal Romance. I wouldn’t have had this book on my radar except that I saw it mentioned on Twitter. That tweet talked about a […]


You remember in the Marvel movies when Tony Stark gets confronted about all the collateral damage that the Avengers do when they are fighting? He decides that they need to be accountable for this and Captain America has a meltdown […]

The Extraordinaries Series

The Extraordinaries Series   This is an unusual series.  It uses the tropes of Regency Romance but places them in a world where some people have Talents.  I would describe these more as historical fantasies with romantic plots. In Burning […]


  Purchase Links HarperCollins | Amazon | Barnes & Noble I was pulled in by the world building of this book from the first page.  The Westside of Manhattan has fallen under some type of spell or curse or something.  […]

A Spell in the Country

This book was absolutely ridiculous and I loved it.  I actually, honestly, literally laughed out loud a few times.  From surveys where the only right answer is commenting about the survey taker’s flaming hat to absolutely perverse imps to flying […]

Rebel Magisters

The premise of this series is that the Americans lost the Revolution because upper class British people have magic.  Now it is the 1880s and steampunk technology has advanced enough to level the battlefield. Verity is a governess for a […]

The Her Instruments Series

I love the universe that M.C.A. Hogarth has created for her books.  In the future, humans create human/animal hybrids called the Pelted who then leave the galaxy.  They spread out onto new worlds and form an Alliance.  They totally leave […]

Asian Short Fiction

I loved Zen Cho’s novel Sorcerer to the Crown so I was excited to read some of her shorter fiction. This story takes place in Hell. In the Chinese version you can advance through levels.  If you have descendants who […]