American Cheese

American Cheese: An Indulgent Odyssey Through the Artisan Cheese World by Joe Berkowitz Published on October 6, 2020 Pages: 304 Format: Paperback Source: Owned A deep-dive into a cultural and culinary phenomenon: cheese. Joe Berkowitz loves cheese. Or at least […]

The Next Supper

The Next Supper: The End of Restaurants as We Knew Them, and What Comes After by Corey Mintz Setting: Canada and United States Published on November 16, 2021 Pages: 352 Format: Audiobook Source: Library A searing expose of the restaurant […]

The Kitchen

The Kitchen by Laura Carter Setting: New York Published on November 11, 2021 Pages: 300 Format: eARC Source: Book Tour Buy on Amazon Can they stand the heat…? Maggie’s in the running to be the next head chef at Michelin-starred […]

Fridge Love

Fridge Love: Organize Your Refrigerator for a Healthier, Happier Life—with 100 Recipes by Kristen Hong Published on December 28, 2021 Pages: 352 Format: eARC Source: Netgalley A one-of-a-kind guide to organizing your fridge—including practical tips for meal prep and storage, […]