Deaf Utopia

Nyle DiMarco loves being Deaf. He is proud of his family, his culture, and his language. But that hasn’t always been so for Deaf people. In this memoir he compares and contrasts the way different generations of his family have […]

American Cheese

This book takes a close look at the American cheese landscape.  The author moves from being an interested civilian to examining the training and life of cheese makers and sellers in the United States.  He even starts attending major cheese […]

The Next Supper

Corey Mintz is a former restaurant cook turned restaurant critic/food journalist who lived in Toronto. This book examines many different aspects of the food business to see ways in which it can be made more equitable for the people who […]

The Boys

I grabbed this audiobook as soon as I saw it on my library’s webpage. It is a fascinating look at the lives of people who grew up in front of millions of people but managed to come out of it […]


This book got me overwhelmed with what could have been. I wanted to vote for Elizabeth Warren. She was out of the Presidential primaries before I voted. In this book she talks about what it is like to pour your […]

Fridge Love

This is a book that I had no idea I needed but that may be life changing. I found it while I was browsing the cooking category on Netgalley. I’m having fridge problems. Right now we have three adults in […]

Crossing the Line

I found this book while browsing my library’s list of available audiobooks. I was immediately intrigued by the story of an inner-city polo club. Polo is a very expensive sport to play because it requires multiple highly trained horses per […]

Twilight of Democracy

Authoritarianism appeals, simply, to people who cannot tolerate complexity I would have never known about this book if I wasn’t in a book bingo challenge that asks us to read one of Barack Obama’s recommended reads of 2020. I spent […]

Refocusing My Family

When I saw the title of this book I laughed and immediately reserved it from the library.   If you grew up in the evangelical church like I did you couldn’t avoid Focus on the Family.  They had programs on Christian […]

Wine Girl

I’ve always wanted to learn about wine.  I think the history of different vineyards and wines is fascinating.  That’s why I was interested in listening to Wine Girl.  What does it take to be an expert on wine, especially at […]