Interview with a Dead Editor

Interview with a Dead Editor (Lucky Lexie Mysteries #1)

by Shanna Swendson
Genres: Fantasy & Magic, Mystery & Detective
Published on October 1, 2020
Format: eBook Source: Owned

Worst Job Interview Ever!
Alexa “Lucky Lexie” Lincoln has always had a nose for news and a knack for being first on the scene whenever there’s a big story. Now her luck seems to have run out. First, she loses her reporting job. Then she gets an interview for a job at a small-town paper, only to find the editor dead on the newsroom floor. That makes her a suspect in the eyes of local policeman Wes Mosby.
To make matters worse, someone sabotages her alibi, and a freak ice storm strands her in town. That’s when she learns that this idyllic little town right out of a movie set is full of secrets, including people with uncanny abilities and the ghost who really runs the newspaper.
To clear her name (and get the job), Lexie will have to find the real killer—a killer who seems to think she knows a lot more than she does. If she’s not careful, she could be the next victim.

I’ve quite enjoyed other series by this author. I follow her on Twitter. So I got really excited when she announced that she had a new book coming out the next day. Turns out it was #7 in this series – this series that I had never heard of. How did that even happen? I had to fix my oversight right away.

I’m not generally a fan of cozy mysteries. I just can’t suspend my disbelief enough to imagine amateurs interfering with police investigations without getting arrested. I need the protagonist to have a real reason for getting involved.

Lexie is a reporter. That gives her a bit of a cover for being nosy. She’s having a very strange few days. She got fired. She immediately got a call for a job interview for a job she never applied for. When she got there she found the person she was supposed to interview with laying dead on the floor. Now she’s a suspect and can’t leave this small town. The people here are strange too. Most of descendants of circus side show performers who were abandoned here a long time ago. It turns out that most of the town people have magical powers and a ghost is trying to nudge Lexie into investigating more than just this latest murder.

This is a good set up for a series. You can have all kinds of secrets that aren’t immediately obvious if there are unknown magical powers in the populace. Add in the ghosts and there is no end of trouble that people can get into.