The Peacekeeper

I chose this book from the Kindle First Reads selections because of the alternate world building aspect of the story. I was interested in seeing how the author envisioned a world where Europeans never colonized the Americas. How would societies […]

American Cheese

This book takes a close look at the American cheese landscape.  The author moves from being an interested civilian to examining the training and life of cheese makers and sellers in the United States.  He even starts attending major cheese […]

The Stand-in

I picked up this Audible Original on a whim when I was facing a four hour drive and didn’t have an audiobook that was appealing at that very moment. I really enjoyed most of the story of a woman who […]

Becoming Crone

You all know how much I adore books with older female protagonists. What could be better than a fantasy story that starts on the main character’s 60th birthday? Claire is just out of a bad marriage. She learning to trust […]


After reading the first few pages of this book, I wasn’t sure if I was going to go on. The main character is talking about her wealthy upbringing and how she always assumed elegant surroundings were normal. Who really needs […]

The Extraordinaries Series

The Extraordinaries Series   This is an unusual series.  It uses the tropes of Regency Romance but places them in a world where some people have Talents.  I would describe these more as historical fantasies with romantic plots. In Burning […]


This is a fairly short Audible original audiobook written and read by Michael Pollan.  Of course I had to listen to it! It starts off with the author lamenting that to truly understand the affects of caffeine he had to […]

Warriors Don’t Cry

You’ve seen the pictures of the Little Rock Nine being escorted into the school by soldiers and the famous picture above of the angry mob around Elizabeth Eckford. What I never heard about or considered was what happened after they […]

Cormoran Strike Series

I’d been low key wanting to read the Robert Galbraith mystery books ever since it was revealed that they were written by J.K. Rowling.  I finally started them and then I couldn’t stop.  I’ve listened to the four books on […]

Bringing Columbia Home

I clearly remember aimlessly watching the news that included in passing a brief mention of the landing of Columbia.  There was a pause and then the notification that they had lost contact with the shuttle.  I remember my then husband […]