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I’m Still Here

I’ve been pretty quiet this month on here. I’ve been at a bit of a loss about what to write about. I guess nothing is really inspiring me to rant and rave about it right now. I’m reading a lot […]

American Cheese

This book takes a close look at the American cheese landscape.  The author moves from being an interested civilian to examining the training and life of cheese makers and sellers in the United States.  He even starts attending major cheese […]

The Next Supper

Corey Mintz is a former restaurant cook turned restaurant critic/food journalist who lived in Toronto. This book examines many different aspects of the food business to see ways in which it can be made more equitable for the people who […]

Dog – Movie Review

I don’t usually talk about movies much here but I need to vent. I also don’t usually go to movies about animals. I get too emotional. But the movie called Dog starring Channing Tatum looked good so we gave it […]

Happy Gotcha Day!

One year ago today we went to meet an unneutered male 3 year old Pomeranian who was being surrendered to a shelter for biting a child. He was so adorable but when he was allowed to run around in the […]