I was thinking about the lack of exciting things in my life to blog about when I got a new voice mail. It was my husband saying that not only do we not have to pay taxes this year but we are getting a refund!

This is absolutely amazing. I am self-employed and the husband owns a small business. Put those together and then try not to burst into tears around April 15th. In fact two years ago we had to pay $10,000 more in just federal taxes than my entire yearly income. Thankfully, the taxes are paid through the husband’s company so they don’t have to come directly out of our bank account. If they did, well, lock us up in debtor’s prison now.

Somehow this year the husband and his partner changed around the amount they were paying quarterly or something but they both got refunds. Yes, I know that in theory it is better to have the money in your own account gaining interest instead of being excited that the government is consenting to give you your money back. But it feels a lot better to receive than to give.

When we understood in theory that there may be money coming in we discussed replacing my dilapidated fence with a real fence that we’ve never been able to afford. We are actually getting enough back to do that and a bit extra. Amazing. At the horse conference I saw a sweet little horse trailer …..