Honey Girl

I’d seen this book around but hadn’t really planned on picking it up until I saw it listed on a Best Romances of the Year list. I was intrigued by the premise. Grace wakes up after an uncharacteristically drunk night […]

Find Layla

This isn’t the type of book I’d generally pick up but I’m glad I did. Layla, her mother, and her younger brother live in extremely dangerous conditions. Her mother is not mentally well and has addiction issues. A series of […]

Girl at Christmas

Tammy is a lab tech who loves Christmas. She’s devastated when her boyfriend unexpectedly moves out right before the holiday season. She’s even more embarrassed when she accidently starts crying all over her coworker Lawrence. Lawrence has issues of his […]

The Kitchen

I loved this book! This story gathered me in from the beginning. Maggie is the protege of a chef at a three star Michelin restaurant. When he dies unexpectedly she thinks she will take over running the restaurant. She is […]


I adored this book! This is the cozy wicked witch origin story that you didn’t know you needed. It has farmer’s markets, a quaint small town, amazing banter, lots of cooking and wine, and an adorable spider who likes to […]

The Boys

I grabbed this audiobook as soon as I saw it on my library’s webpage. It is a fascinating look at the lives of people who grew up in front of millions of people but managed to come out of it […]