Djinn City

This book is long.  This book is dense.  Try to just breezily rush through this and you will miss things.  This book is also smart and sarcastic and snarky and everything else I love. Indelbed is adorable.  He’s from the […]

Little Soldiers

The author is the first generation American daughter of Chinese immigrants.  She had a hard time reconciling her parents’ attitude toward education with her American school experiences.  Now she and her American husband moved to Shanghai just in time for […]

A House Without Windows

“My full height, my beloved husband never did see Because the fool dared turn his back on me.” This is a heartbreaking story about women’s lives in Afghanistan.  In this book women feel more free and open in prison than […]

The Third Son

  This synopsis sort of made me cringe. I’ve read the whole “my brother is marrying the girl I want” story so many times. I’m over it. This isn’t that though. There was a delightful change. Saburo gets the girl. […]