Is Playster Worth A Listen?

I’ve been seeing ads on Twitter for Playster. I was interested in the audiobooks that they offer. Would this be a suitable replacement for Audible? The Hook: Only $9.95 for unlimited audiobooks and ebooks.  I’m paying $14.95 for one audiobook […]

Who Gets to Have an Opinion?

While I’m on the subject of lines of discussions I think have issues on Book Twitter, let’s talk about who gets to have an opinion on a book. Here’s the scenario. Person A reads an ARC and says, “Hey, guys?  […]

Can books be harmful?

I read a lot of comments on my twitter feed about the idea of books being harmful.  I don’t get it.  At least, I don’t get it in the context that a lot of people seem to using the term. […]

When Representation is Oh So Wrong

Whenever there are discussions about diversity in books there are always people who wonder what the big deal about bad representation is.  They wonder why people from marginalized backgrounds get so angry about authors getting things wrong.  These (usually) white […]