I laughed when I saw this topic. 2015 releases? Are you kidding? I was pretty sure I wasn’t even close to reading many of those on my TBR list. Most of the books I get interested in are backlist so release dates don’t figure into my thinking. Thanks to Goodreads’ ability to sort by publication date I found the 2015 books that I haven’t read yet.

The Witches of Echo Park (The Witches of Echo Park, #1)The Witches of Echo Park by Amber Benson


“When Lyse MacAllister’s great-aunt Eleanora, the woman who raised her, becomes deathly ill, Lyse puts her comfortable life in Georgia on hold to rush back to Los Angeles. And once she returns to Echo Park, Lyse discovers her great-aunt has been keeping secrets—extraordinary secrets—from her.

Not only is Lyse heir to Eleanora’s Victorian estate; she is also expected to take her great-aunt’s place in the Echo Park coven of witches. But to accept her destiny means to place herself in deadly peril—for the world of magic is under siege, and the battle the witches now fight may be their last…”

Not gonna lie. The appeal of this one is all Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer wrote a book about witches!!!!


Sweep in Peace (Innkeeper Chronicles #2)Sweep in Peace by Ilona Andrews


“Dina DeMille doesn’t run your typical Bed and Breakfast. Her inn defies laws of physics, her fluffy dog is secretly a monster, and the only paying guest is a former Galactic tyrant with a price on her head. But the inn needs guests to thrive, and guests have been scarce, so when an Arbitrator shows up at Dina’s door and asks her to host a peace summit between three warring species, she jumps on the chance.”

I read the first one and was waiting for this one but just realized that it was released.


The Orphan Queen (The Orphan Queen, #1)The Orphan Queen by Jodi Meadows


“When the Indigo Kingdom conquered her homeland, Wilhelmina and other orphaned children of nobility were taken to Skyvale, the Indigo Kingdom’s capital. Ten years later, they are the Ospreys, experts at stealth and theft. With them, Wilhelmina means to take back her throne.”

I have this on my iPad. I think I read the first page once.


Sophia: Princess, Suffragette, RevolutionarySophia: Princess, Suffragette, Revolutionary by Anita Anand


“In 1876 Sophia Duleep Singh was born into Indian royalty. Her father, Maharajah Duleep Singh, was heir to the Kingdom of the Sikhs, one of the greatest empires of the Indian subcontinent, a realm that stretched from the lush Kashmir Valley to the craggy foothills of the Khyber Pass and included the mighty cities of Lahore and Peshawar. It was a territory irresistible to the British, who plundered everything, including the fabled Koh-I-Noor diamond.

Exiled to England, the dispossessed Maharajah transformed his estate at Elveden in Suffolk into a Moghul palace, its grounds stocked with leopards, monkeys and exotic birds. Sophia, god-daughter of Queen Victoria, was raised a genteel aristocratic Englishwoman: presented at court, afforded grace and favor lodgings at Hampton Court Palace and photographed wearing the latest fashions for the society pages. But when, in secret defiance of the British government, she travelled to India, she returned a revolutionary.”

I really want to read this one.


The Soul of an Octopus: A Surprising Exploration into the Wonder of ConsciousnessThe Soul of an Octopus: A Surprising Exploration into the Wonder of Consciousness by Sy Montgomery


“In this astonishing book from the author of the bestselling memoir The Good Good Pig, Sy Montgomery explores the emotional and physical world of the octopus’ surprisingly complex, intelligent, and spirited creature: and the remarkable connections it makes with humans.”

I love octopi!


African Monsters (Fox Spirit Books of Monsters, # 2)African Monsters by Margrét Helgadóttir


“Speculative fiction, art and graphic stories from African authors, based on African folklore, myths and legends about monsters. African Monsters is the second in a coffee table book series with dark fiction and art about monsters from around the world.”

Some of my favorite authors contributed to this collection.