The local mall is having a hard time keeping stores. As a result they are starting to have some offbeat new occupants. I wander around on my lunch break twice a week. Now I could get a tattoo or join a table tennis league at the mall. I’m not really interested. But today I saw the newest occupant and OMG! OMG! OMG! (Imagine jumping up and down while squealing like a teenager)

They have fencing lessons!

I’ve always wanted to learn to fight. Ok, I really want to do roundhouse kicks a la Buffy but fencing, a la every bad guy in the history of bad guys, would be cool. Of course in my hands it will probably look like a beekeeper having a seizure.

Beginner classes are at 6 pm on Monday, Thursdays, and Fridays. I work nearby until 6 on those days. The first lesson is free. Be still my cheap little heart! After that it is $50 a month and you can take 8 classes a month.

I’m going to go tonight to get info like what to wear, etc. All I know about fencing is that you use an epee which is a wonderful word to have in your vocabulary if you do crossword puzzles. Besides, I looked through the store window and there are dragons painted on the walls. Dragons! I so have to go and try it at least once just like I tried curling. I hurt myself curling so I can’t imagine what I may do to myself with a sword!