I wasn’t planning on playing along with #DiversityDecBingo when I saw it on Twitter.  I don’t like to plan my reading.  I prefer to think of my TBR list as a mystical magical thing that just possesses me when the time is right for a particular book.  Actually, it is probably more that I get distracted by shiny things and forget the plan.

If you aren’t familiar with the bingo card, here it is.


As I was minding my own business this month occasionally it would pop up on my feed and I started to notice something.


Just like in regular bingo I’m so close and yet so far.

The red stars represent squares that would be covered if I could use a book more than once.  There’s some intersectionality going on in these books.

  • Monstress – Non-western culture fantasy and own voices and POC on Book Covers
  • The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf – Indigenous and POC on Book Covers and own voices
  • Hidden Figures – Diverse Nonfiction and POC on Book Covers and own voices
  • A Closed and Common Orbit – Asexual and nonbinary characters
  • Climbing the Stairs – Real world non-western setting and POC on Book Covers and Asian MC
  • Aristotle and Dante – POC M/M romance and Mental Health (Ari’s dad’s PTSD)
  • Nujeen – Oh, Nujeen can almost win the game by herself – She is a disabled, Asian, Muslim, refugee in a real world non-western setting on a book cover.

I just noticed an alternative placement based on the list above.


I accidentally won.

Stay tuned for #DiversityBingo2017 which I am also not planning on playing but know I won’t be able to resist.