When birds are cold they fluff up their feathers for extra insulation. That’s when it is time to make sure he has his space heater on.

The SO came home and noticed immediately that the heat was on. I informed him that I had turned it on because my hands were freezing and Ozzie. Was. FLUFFY! I might have delivered that pronouncement in the same imperious tones that Marie Antoinette addressed the commoners. He busted out laughing and gave in. Apparently I can freeze but fluffy birds get to him. He tried to sound tough by making it clear that I was going to have to contribute to the gas bill. That’s fine with me if it means that I don’t have to put my gloves on when I come inside.

Later he wanted me to sit out on the porch with him. I told him that it was cold. He said that he had noticed my aversion to cold lately. Then he tried to convince me to go outside by saying that it was probably warmer outside than in the house. I yelled, “Exactly!!” He knew then he was beaten. LOL

One Reply to “Alive and Warm”

  1. Long live the furnace! I like heat too. Oddly my own DH wants it 78 in the summer time and 80 in the Winter time. I’ve long since given up explaining why that’s backwards and lucky for me the ac has been left alone at 80 all summer.

    We’ve had lows around 60, so nothing calling for the heat yet, but if I need gloves in the house I also need heat.

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