I got up at 4:30 in the AM today to go to the surgery center by 6:15. I had the Essure procedure. It is a sterilization procedure that is different than a tubal ligation. The doctor goes in with an endoscope through the vagina and places a small spring in each fallopian tube. Over the next three months the tubes will scar down over the springs. At that time I go back to get a contrast x-ray to make sure there the tubes are closed and – voila!- no babies. Also there is no incision, no downtime besides what the anesthesia requires, and no scars so I can keep being a bikini model if I so desire (and if anyone would be the least bit interested in seeing that!)

They were all amazed that at the ripe old age of 35 this was my first surgical procedure. I’ve never had an IV placed so I couldn’t answer questions about which vein is usually used. My medical history tends to be terribly boring.

It was about 6:45 when they started prepping me. The first thing they did was have me lie down on the bed and cover me with warm blankets. From that point on I was fighting to stay awake. I’m so not a morning person. In recovery they asked me if I wanted to sleep a bit more. The answer to that question is always yes in my world!

I was getting in the car at 9:00 AM to go home. I have some cramping. I hate cramping. The pain of breaking bones has always been less than the pain of cramping. But I have happy drugs for pain. I came home and went to sleep again. Powder immediately came in and slept on my stomach. Very helpful. I did get up once and eat some carrot cake and Riley licked the plate. After that they just slept with me for most of the afternoon.