An Easy Weekend

It is a long weekend here in the States so it is great time to catch up on some reading. It is just in time too. I went on a library book requesting spree. I had a few I could get right away, some with a waiting list, and a few coming from interlibrary loan. I thought I’d be ok. Then this happened.

There were seven to pick up on one day and there are at least 2 more waiting for me now in addition to the three library books I already had. Whoops. The husband and I took a little overnight excursion to a cabin in the woods for a reading night.

Not a bad spot for a reading weekend #books #bookstagram A photo posted by @dvmheather on

Unfortunately those chairs were incredibly uncomfortable but the porch was nice and the hot tub was lovely. It was a little log cabin and everything was wood. Everything. I’m surprised that the toilet seat wasn’t wood. It was one of the few things that wasn’t. I felt like I was in the Keebler elves’ tree. I could have done without the dead coyote on the wall too.

We joke a lot about how we visit so many ERs when we are on vacation due to my husband’s food allergies.  For this night, we brought in all our own food.  No worries, right?  He fell down the stairs in the middle of the night.  Twice.  Bless his little self-destructive heart.

I finished Deadly Election by Lindsay Davis and started both Sorcerer to the Crown and An African in Greenland.


I hate seeing myself in pictures.  I’m taking a class this month called Be Your Own Beloved that is aiming to help that.  Every day for a month we are given a prompt for a picture to take.  We are starting easy with body parts.  My good camera has been in the shop so I’ve been having to take pictures with my crappy cell phone camera.

This is take a picture of a body part that tells a story.  This shot got comments about my eyes looking knowing and such.  I was really thinking, “I can’t see if I’m hitting the right place on the phone to take this picture or not.”  I’m not really deep.

BeYourOwnBeloved Day 3

The prompt this day was Playfulness. Freckles heartily disapproved of my attempts at playfulness with her.

BeYourOwnBeloved Day 4

My camera came back! Note the immediate increase in quality. This photo was about reflections of yourself in something other than a mirror. I’m in the red vase.


I’m off now to take a photo walk for today’s exercise and then I’m going back to reading An African in Greenland (the ultimate Travel the World in Books title) because he’s being giving to the python cult whether he wants to go or not. True story. I hate it when that happens.

How’s Your Weekend So Far?


  • rudejasper

    In an interesting reversal, I am spending Labor Day weekend taking a break back home from a month and a half in a cabin in the woods for a work project:). I definitely get more reading done at the cabin with no internet or TV! Also,I feel your pain regarding the library holds – it’s got to be some immutable law of the universe or something that all library holds must come available simultaneously!

  • Kristin (@_Kristin315_)

    Oh wow. I hope your husband’s okay. That sucks that he has such food allergies to that extent. There are things that I “shouldn’t” eat because they cause discomfort later that night and then I’m allergic to king crab (only king crab though… weird) where I just spend the rest of the day with my head in the toilet. However, lucky for me, king crab isn’t so common of an ingredient that it can unknowingly be in something. Anyways, I hope you enjoy all of your new books. Looks like you have a lot of awesome reading ahead of you.

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