Oh April. This was the month in which I decided to be a better and more productive blogger. I started with updating my plugins like a good girl – and completely crashed my site. I had to hire a developer on Fiverr to fix it. At one point he insisted on a video call from India because I was obviously such a technological idiot that he needed to talk to me slowly face to face. But, it appears to be fixed for the moment. He even fixed some other issues that I didn’t understand but that were obviously making him twitchy. He told me about them in very dire tones but I didn’t get the significance because I am website development-dumb. I just told him to Make It So and hopefully we are back.

I spent a lot of my month doing a re-listen to the whole series of The Others. That took up a lot of the time that I would have otherwise spent reading so my total book numbers are down.

That’s 1 novella, 6 audiobooks, and 5 novels.

I’m keeping up with my South of the Equator reading. What I Like About Me is an Australian YA book. I heard about it on Twitter when the author was discussing changes that U.S. publishers made her make so it didn’t sound so foreign to U.S. readers. Because God Forbid U.S. readers need to realize that there are different candies in Australia or that Christmas is in summer or that “vacation” and “holiday” are the same or that RV parks and caravan parks are the same. Better change all the references.

May is going to be all about fantasy around here. It is Wyrd and Wonder, a month-long celebration of fantasy stories hosted over at There’s Always Room for One More. There are weekly prompts along with daily ideas for posts. I’ll be posting a lot provided of course that I don’t blow up the blog again. Fingers crossed.

4 Replies to “April 2022 Wrap Up”

  1. I keep crashing my site too, it’s not just you! There’s something wrong with it at the moment but I can’t be bothered to fully fix it, which is SO not the right attitude but… I just want to post book reviews haha. I’m glad you managed to get yours sorted!

    1. I’m glad it is not just me. There is nothing like the feeling of doing an update and then staring at a blank screen…

    1. Hiring people off Fiverr has been a lifesaver for me on technical stuff. I spent under $40 to fix everything that I would have never figured out.

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