Armchair BEA

Could I survive the fictional worlds that I read about in books?


I’m a wimp.



Narnia is too cold.

Panem is just nasty.

I figure with my luck I’d be a non-magical peon in any other fantasy world and what fun would that be?


There is one world though that I’d like to try out. I want to go to the world in Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next series. I like the alternate reality England where discussion of Shakespeare and cheese is very, very important. There is cloning so you can have a pet dodo (although you know some fool would try to make a dinosaur and everyone who has seen Jurassic Park knows how that ends).

In addition, there is the Book World. Tourists can go into books to have a look around. Imagine visiting Mr Darcy’s house. There is also the Well of Lost Plots for books that don’t quite make it. Jurisfiction is the law enforcement in the world to keep the stories running on track. You can’t have characters jumping between books or otherwise acting out of line.

There is a huge library of every book ever presided over by the Cheshire Cat (or the Unitary Authority of Warrington Cat, since England has been redistricted since Alice was written).

I think I could survive in this world although there are numerous Mrs. Danvers (from Rebecca) running around and causing mayhem.