We went to brunch this morning at a restaurant that advertises that it has the best brunch around. I conclude that it is either the only brunch or they are just liars.

Anyway, the lady at the table next to us was telling a hilarious story about her nephew. He picks the breading off his corndogs and eats it without eating the hotdog. She was just guffawing about this and ended with, “Have you ever heard of anyone not eating meat??!!!” Her audience laughed uproariously and agreed that kids sure are silly.

Meanwhile this vegetarian tried not to pound her forehead into the table.


Freckles and I took the SO to the best dog park in the world (aka Doggy Disneyland). There was much happiness but still no swimming. She looks at swimming dogs like they have a mental problems.

She accidentally did agility. Freckles’ people get lost a lot. She’ll be playing and then she’ll look up and they’ll be gone. She has to look and look for them and then they try to say that they never moved from where she left them. They claim that she gets turned around. That is obviously a lie but whatever. One time when she was searching for her errant people she wandered into the agility area and jumped over a jump because it was in her way. Mommy-person clapped and that’s how Freckles found her.

Later after a good roll in stink she looked up and her people were gone again. She took off like a shot in the direction where she saw them last. It was horrible! They were totally lost. She backtracked about 100 yards when she finally heard her female person yelling for her. She ran back full speed to the female person and then they walked back to the boy person who was sitting at a table two feet from where Freckles had been rolling. The peoples claimed to have been there all along but that was an obvious lie too.