Yesterday the husband and I went to the Asian Festival. I was sort of diappointed. There was supposed to be a marketplace and lots of food. I was envisioning local Asian artists with booths full of arts and crafts. Instead it was mostly cheap plastic toys and statues. The husband bought a pair of $3 sunglasses. The food was ok. I really wanted something noodle-y like really good lo mein but instead I had a vegetarian platter from an Indian booth.

There was a lot of entertainment. We saw Ballet Milan from the Phillipines, a Japanese-American drumming group, and a local Cambodian dance troupe. They also had lots of local martial arts schools doing demonstrations.

The set up was good. I was at a conservatory. There was free parking with shuttle buses from several sites around the area. They had about 10,000 people last year and you could get in and out with no problem. Contrast this to another festival around here that is also going on this weekend. We went a few years ago. It is 8 miles from our house. The first 5 miles on back roads took about 5 minutes. The next three miles took 2 hours. I’m not planning on going back there.

So now some pictures from yesterday.

The drummers


Kids sitting near us wanting to play with a dog. Dog desparately avoiding kids.

Kids and Dog