#AtoZChallenge 2024 letter W

Jack Whyte

Jack Whyte wrote the one and only historical fiction version of Camelot that you will ever need. Seriously, this book ruined all other King Arthur stories for me forever. I can’t read any more. This is my definitive version.

He wrote this story by imagining what could have really happened to inspire the legend. He took away all the magic and wrote a straight historical fiction story. It is fascinating.

It starts several generations before Merlin and Arthur. A Roman citizen living in Britain and a blacksmith who he served in the legions with start discussing the inevitable withdrawal of the Roman legions from Britain. They decide that they need to prepare for the chaos that will follow that. They are basically doomsday preppers. They set up a colony of people with the skills that they will need to survive. They breed horses. They farm. They set up their defenses. They call it Camulod.

It starts with The Skystone and goes for 8 more books until that idiot Arthur destroys it all. I hate Arthur for all time after reading this series. I’ve reread the beginning books several times but I can’t reread Arthur’s books. He’s like the trust fund baby who can’t be trusted to run the family business.

When I was writing this post I realized that there was a prequel book to The Skystone written a few years ago. The only way to get a copy of The Burning Stone in the U.S. was to buy a super expensive paperback copy. If you’ve been here a while you know I don’t like expensive or paper books. Guess what I bought immediately? That’s how much I love this series. Besides, it is a prequel so I won’t have to think one bit about that idiot Arthur.