It is the time of year when a girl’s fancy starts turning to picking baby daddies. Not for herself of course but for her horse.

I’m not sure that we are actually going to breed her this year but it seems more possible than it has been in the past. I think I’ve narrowed the field down to two stallions. It is truly like looking at Morgan porn. You look at pictures of these horses standing pretty and think, “I want to make a baby with you!” until the next horse is even prettier.

Stallion #1 has some very old bloodlines. That’s what I like in a horse. That’s what Prize is. On paper they are a great match. He is drop dead gorgeous. They would make a super pretty baby.

Stallion #2 is a son of a stallion that I really love. His lines aren’t so old but they are ok. However, this line gives some striking and rare colors in the babies. Crossed with Prize there is a chance to get one of the rarest of the rare colors which ups the value of the baby.

From those descriptions I see that I am solidly in the Stallion #1 camp. Here’s the catch. Stallion #1 lives far away. So the expense goes up. I would need to bring Prize into heat with drugs (she shows no signs of heat when she is home – great in a riding horse not so good in a broodmare). Then I need to pay a collection and shipping fee every time we try to breed her. (I won’t go into further detail for those of you who don’t want to know all the dirty details of breeding horses long distance.)

Stallion #2 lives about 2 hours away on the farm of people I know. I could take her there and let her come into heat naturally and then breed her. So I would just have the stud fee and a few days of boarding to pay.

I don’t have all the details yet on Stallion #1’s expense. This is his first year so he may be less expensive than normal. Or he could be so far out of reach that I need to put him right out of my head. That might be hard though. I think I’m in love.