Between Us

Between Us

by Mhairi McFarlane
Setting: England
Genres: Fiction / Women
Published on August 8, 2023
Pages: 384
Format: eBook Source: Library

International bestseller Mhairi McFarlane delivers a witty, clever, emotional new novel about a woman whose life unravels spectacularly after her screenwriter boyfriend uses their relationship as inspiration for his new television show.

When Roisin and Joe join their friends for a weekend at a country house, it’s a triple celebration—a birthday, an engagement, and the launch of Joe’s shiny new TV show. But as the weekend unfolds, tensions come to light in the group and Roisin begins to question her own relationship. And as they watch the first episode of Joe’s drama, she realizes that the private things she told him—which should have stayed between them—are right there on the screen.

With her friend group in chaos and her messy love life on display for the whole world to see, Roisin returns home to avoid the unwanted attention and help run her family’s pub. But drama still follows, in the form of her dysfunctional family and the looming question: what other parts of her now-ex’s show are inspired by real events? Lies? Infidelity? Every week, as a new episode airs, she wonders what other secrets will be revealed.

Yet the most unexpected twist of all is an old friend, who is suddenly there for Roisin in ways she never knew she needed…

Roisin is a teacher and her long-term boyfriend is a screen writer. His first show was a surprise hit. Now is it time for his highly anticipated follow up to premier. When it does Roisin is horrified to see a traumatic memory from her childhood play out on screen. Potentially even worse, the main character repeatedly cheats on his long-term girlfriend using excuses and situations that mirror Roisin and Joe’s life. Has Joe been cheating on her this whole time? How much of their life is a lie?

As Joe continues to evade answering questions, Roisin goes home to help her mother run their struggling pub. She needs to use this time to decide how to move forward.

This book was a cross between rom-com and psychological drama. She’s pretty sure Joe is lying to her but can’t prove it. Who can she trust? At the same time their friend group is falling apart. One of her friends is at loose ends and comes up to help Roisin and her mom. What is his motive? Is he really the wild and free guy that he’s always seemed to be?

There are lots of questions and mysteries to be explored. It could be slow moving at times but at others there was fun dialogue. I’m not sure if I’d pick up this author again based on this book but it was an interesting story once it got going.