Blogtoberfest and the most solemn vow to post every day in October is a cruel master because I was most boring today and yet am obliged to post anyway.

My day:

-Go to library and stock up and books
-Notice when I get to the barn that the llama is laying quite dead-like on the ground and the goats are poking him with their hooves
-Walk toward llama and hope that I don’t have to inform the owners that their llama is no more and that their goats have desecrated the corpse
-Be relieved when the llama flicks an ear
-Go play with Prize
-Go to WalMart to stock up on vet judge magical supplies like baby wipes
-Forget several things and figure out when to make time to go get what I forgot
-Work on enlarging the arm holes in my wings for tomorrow’s fairy costume
-Go to work
-Go get the stuff I forgot
-Start to pack all my costumes for this weekend’s trail ride
-Go workout with the SO
-Growl at him when he says that I don’t do enough weight on my shoulder lifts
-Learn to do assisted pullups. Yeah!
-Blog for Blogtoberfest while thinking about printing out my flight info and wondering what else I forgot

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