Yes, I’m still doing it, stop acting all amazed at my follow through.  Being a die hard blogger I searched google blog search for Body For Life people to follow.  Guess who is number 1 on the search?  Me.  How is that helpful?

Anyway, last night I did my 20 minutes of cardio on the treadmill.  I hate cardio machines but I can usually do 20 minutes.  The workout is based on interval training and I figured it would be easier to do at first on a machine.  The hardest part is figuring out where to start so that when you get to the highest effort you can still do it but are really pushing yourself.  I think I started a bit low so I’ll up that tomorrow.

Today I did the lower body weight lifting workout.  It uses progressively higher amounts of weights for lower numbers of reps.  Again you have to figure out where to start.  I live with super macho man weight lifter so I have my 4 lb weights I moved here with, the 10 lbs he bought me, and then his manly weights.  Really, who needs 75 lb dumbbells?  I can’t even move them out of the way.  I did find some 20s and 25s and I’m able to hold both the 4s and 10s in my hand at the same time to make 14 lb weights so I did pretty well.  My quads are weaker than I thought and my hamstrings stronger than I thought.  My hamstrings are notoriously tight when I stretch so I worry about lifting too much at once and pulling something.

Food – I bought some instant unflavored oatmeal.  When I try to use the regular stuff I make wall paper paste.  It doesn’t matter what recipe I try.  It could be your great-grandmother’s idiot proof, handed down for generations, no fail recipe.  In my hands it will become wall paper paste.  I’m going to have to stick with instant.  I had two packets with cinnamon and pumpkin for breakfast and an apple with a bit of cheese for a post workout snack. I think I’m going to make up a big batch of beans and rice to have in the frig as an easy to grab snack.  I also like black beans blended with salsa to use as a dip for veggies for snacks.