Today SciFiMonth and Top Ten Tuesday are getting mashed together.  The prompt is book titles that could be newspaper headlines but I’m thinking of this a little differently. 

Most of the time when you read sci fi it is far fetched. It may be time travel or space battles in a galaxy far far away. Today I’m highlighting a few sci fi books that could happen here in the near future.

Ink by Sabrina Vourvoulias happens in a near future United States. Opposition to immigration has grown to the point that people are tattooed with their immigration status. People whose families have been here for generations are excepted, of course. This story follows several people affected by this to see how that plays out.

I spent the entirety of the Trump administration thinking, “This is going to turn into Ink.”

There is a hint of magical realism at one point but I’m claiming this one for sci fi anyway.

Maxine Justice is a young lawyer living in a New York City where trials are decided by online juries sponsored by companies. Huge billboards appear in the sky every morning. Her life is absolutely plausible in about 100 years. Then she gets hired by aliens to facilitate first contact. That may be a bit less relatable but she does approach them through contract law.

The City Inside takes place in a near future India where social media stars have full time teams of handlers to create the most “authentic” experiences. This is a world where there have been waves of pandemics. Pollution and heat waves keep people inside and watching the flows from the media stars. This author does an excellent job with imaging a world that is very likely to come about.

What science fiction books have you read that are also so close to reality?