Over the last year I’ve read all of the Bridgerton series of books by Julia Quinn. I’ve also read some of her related books. You all know that I love Regency Romances. That’s why I can’t wait for Christmas this year to see the Netflix adaption of the first book of the series, The Duke and I.

I hope this does very well, not only so we get to see more the stories in the series, but so more romance novels/series are adapted. Romance is the largest genre around but it gets no love as far as adaptions go. There are so many great series that would be amazing to see on screen.

I’d love to see Alyssa Cole’s contemporary Royal romance books as a series.

Tessa Dare’s Spindle Cove series about a town in England populated by women who don’t play by society’s rules is just begging to be made into a series.

K. J. Charles’ Sins of the Cities would be great too. There is an overarching mystery to the whole series and some great characters.

My husband, parents, and I usually go out to a movie on Christmas Day. That obviously isn’t happening this year so my Mom and I will be settling in to binge some Bridgerton.