Fantasy TBR

What books do I want to read during May for Wyrd and Wonder? Let’s just acknowledge that I am a notorious mood reader who can not stick to any TBR for more than a day or two. Take this list […]

May 2022 Foodies Read

Welcome to May’s Foodies Read Sorry if you guys had problems linking up in April. I tried to be proactive and update some plugins and managed bring everything crashing down. It took a professional to fix. Hopefully, I won’t do […]

April 2022 Wrap Up

Oh April. This was the month in which I decided to be a better and more productive blogger. I started with updating my plugins like a good girl – and completely crashed my site. I had to hire a developer […]

The Magiford Series

I absolutely loved reading the series of books written by K.M. Shea that are set in the town of Magiford WI. In this world wizards, fae, vampires, and werewolves are all living openly among humans. Magiford is a hub of […]

Here Be Dragons!

Kindle Unlimited has figured me out. Recently it has been showing me Regency romances that feature dragons. How am I supposed to resist that? Miss Percy’s Pocket Guide to the Care and Feeding of British Dragons by Quenby Olson was […]

March 2022 Wrap Up

I had a big reading month mostly because I ended up binging a few series. I read 19 books. It was an overwhelmingly white author collection with the exception of one Black author. There were 3 audiobooks. My South of […]

I’m Still Here

I’ve been pretty quiet this month on here. I’ve been at a bit of a loss about what to write about. I guess nothing is really inspiring me to rant and rave about it right now. I’m reading a lot […]

American Cheese

This book takes a close look at the American cheese landscape.  The author moves from being an interested civilian to examining the training and life of cheese makers and sellers in the United States.  He even starts attending major cheese […]

The Next Supper

Corey Mintz is a former restaurant cook turned restaurant critic/food journalist who lived in Toronto. This book examines many different aspects of the food business to see ways in which it can be made more equitable for the people who […]

Dog – Movie Review

I don’t usually talk about movies much here but I need to vent. I also don’t usually go to movies about animals. I get too emotional. But the movie called Dog starring Channing Tatum looked good so we gave it […]