Do you like reading challenges?  This is the time of year when everyone starts up their yearly challenges.  They all sound fun to me.  However, I use challenges mainly as a place to link up reviews of books that I’m already planning on reading and find new reviews of books that I might be interested in.  

Using Feed Your Fiction Addiction’s handy dandy list, I found some challenges for 2018.

I mean, obviously, I’m doing this one.  

Book Blogger Discussion Challenge

This lives at Feed Your Fiction Addiction and It Starts at Midnight.  I like reading through the discussions each month.

The 365 Commenting Challenge

Nori wants people to leave one thoughtful comment on a blog a day.  You can pick the blogs and/or she’ll give you a list of participants as a place to start.  We all need to be better about interacting.  I know I read a whole lot more blogs than I comment on.

Literary Voyage Around the World

This is something I do anyway but having another place to link up is good.  I’d guess I might be a Literary Hitchhiker at 21-40 countries.  

The British Books Challenge

This is a link up for books written by British authors.  I read a lot of books that fit this category.

European Reading Challenge

This is for books in European countries.

Swords and Stars

This challenge has a list of 20 challenges that can be met by reading scifi and fantasy.  

Memoir Reading Challenge

I read so many memoirs that I should definitely join this group.  There is a list of categories. 

Nonfiction Reading Challenge

This is a no-brainer for me.  It is being run at Doing Dewey.

Beat the Backlist

I’m a Novel Knight in this challenge.  You get points for every book you read published prior to 2018.  Um, that might be most of the things I read in 2018.  My goal is at least 100 books. 

Passages to the Past

This is for historical fiction.  I always read less historical fiction than I think I will unless I’m still on my historical romance kick into 2018.

It seems like a lot but they are categories I read normally anyway.  What challenges are you doing?