I’ve been planning on going to a show in May with a costume class. I’ve never done a costume class before because Spirit would never have agreed to it. He was way too dignified. Besides he probably would have been scared to death of the other horses in their costumes.

I was thinking about making Prize be a cow. Drape white sheets around her and paint on black spots. Add spotted leg wraps and a spotted mask. If she was really tolerant I could make an udder too. But then I didn’t know what I should be to go with her. I thought about a milk maid but I don’t have an outfit. I don’t own overalls to be farmer-type either. So I started thinking about variations on the theme and then the answer came to me.

Prize is going to be a zebra and I’m going to be a lion.

Substitute stripes for spots on Prize’s costume and drop the udder and she’s all set. I’m going to wear khaki pants and a shirt. I’ll make ears to glue to a headband and a tail that can attach to a belt under the shirt. I thought for a while about a mane but couldn’t figure out a good way to make it. So, I’m a girl so I’ll be a girl lion. I’ll add some painted on whiskers to my face and voila! Lion.

I downloaded the showbill last night. It is very different than the shows they had before. I never got to go to those shows because I got hurt two days before the first one last year. They have a musical freestyle class. The whole show has a Cinco de Mayo theme. I’ve never seen a show with a theme before. But I decided to ride her to Ricky Martin’s “Maria.” It is in Spanish and lively so I thought it would be a good choice. I was listening to it last night and imagined a beautiful ffreestyle ride. Too bad neither Prize nor I have any idea how to do the moves I was seeing. I now understand why you can’t do freestyles in dressage until you have advanced from the beginning levels.

Enter down center line in Passage (very collected, bouncy trot). Oh wait. We can’t passage. Enter down center line at a trot. A few seconds later there is a beautiful musical cue for a canter pirouette. Right, can’t do that either. Whatever I figure out will pale in comparison to the routine in my mind. Sometimes imagination is a bad thing.