I was sitting here today when the SO came in and said, “I thought you’d be out hoeing?”
I answered, “What are you, my pimp now?”
Apparently he meant that I should have been out planting the flowers I bought this week. Fine.

I already have the veggies in – three tomatoes, two peppers, two eggplants (I only meant to have one), a cantaloupe, bush cucumber, and green beans. I added some lettuce today.

All the perennials are doing well and coming back on schedule but I needed to fill some spaces with annuals. When I started gardening I didn’t understand the point of annuals? Why work to plant something that won’t come back next year? Now I know it is to be able to check out the plant stores in the spring when you are full up of perennials and your boyfriend hasn’t given in on those new beds that you want to put in.


I like daisy-type flowers so I added several. The back bed is done in several orange ones and some white Shasta daisies. Orange and white – University of Tennessee colors. Just adding a plug for SEC schools in this Big 10 stronghold.


I also added some pink ones to the front border now that all the bulbs and phlox are done out there.