It is amazing to me the number of people I see who are totally unafraid to show their stupidity to the world at large. Some examples:

1. I was in line at the airport behind a guy wearing a t-shirt proclaiming “The King of Rears.” It also stated things like, “Where’s your bush?” and other high cultural slogans surrounding drawing of women’s backsides. It was obviously made to be a parody of a Budweiser shirt catchingly named Buttwiser. All I could think while staring at this shirt the whole time I was in line was that this guy is never going to get laid.

2. My town has been in a school board vs. the local crazy Christians fight over a teacher who was fired for various offenses. The whole story doesn’t need to be rehashed here but there were signs all over town in support for the teacher. The signs are gradually coming down as more and more comes out about the weird things this guy did. But there is one holdout on the main road into town. He has a big sign that says on one side, “It is far to easy to rape a great man’s character.” Appropriate? I don’t think so. It seems to me that this person just wants to be controversial.

So, go ahead, exercise your free speech and display whatever you want as long as you respect my right to treat you as a total idiot.