I decided to cover two days because my first was so unusual for me. My first day was last Friday when I had a very rare day off when I had absolutely nothing scheduled.

2:00 AM – I’m awake!  This doesn’t usually happen to me but my brain woke up and was excited about it.  It wanted to get up and do things.  Stupid brain.  Went to other bedroom and read The Shadow of the Wind until I fell back asleep.

6:30 AM – Husband woke me up before leaving.  Moved back to my bed and started internet surfing – bloglovin’, Facebook, Twitter.  Served as a body pillow for all animals at different moments.  They don’t share so one pushes off the one already there when they want to cuddle.

8:00 AM – I’m taking an online class so I did my lesson and spent some time on Pinterest.

9:00 AM – Writing some blog posts

9:45 AM – Sat down to eat some food and read a bit more of The Shadow of the Wind

11:45 AM – Finished the book.  Now schedule is way off for the rest of the day.  Off to run errands.

2:00 PM – I’m the proud owner of a new suitcase for my trip to England. I needed something bigger than a carry on but smaller than my big suitcase since we’ll be on and off trains with it.  It has so many pockets and compartments that things I pack will probably be lost forever.

I also picked up the library books I had on hold.

3:30 PM – After some more time wasting I decided to take Freckles for a walk.  The freaking dog is psychic.  I was laying on the bed when I thought this.  She lifted her head and looked at me pointedly even though I hadn’t moved at all.  It was a foregone conclusion in her mind that we were about to go for a walk.  We walked on our 1.5 mile loop.  I dropped off my copy of Waking Up White at the Little Free Library up the road.

Start laundry. Clean up kitchen. Make a solemn vow to myself that the rest of the day will not include pants.

4:30 PM – Started reading Service Included

6:00 PM – Out to dinner with the husband. Required to wear pants.
7:00 PM – Win two games of pool. He put in the 8 ball by mistake but I won the second game fair and square including a beautiful two ball combination shot where I pocketed both balls. Okay, that second ball going in was a surprise.

8:00 PM – More reading and then watch the 2014 Doctor Who Christmas special that finally came out on Amazon.

9:30 PM – Move the laundry and go read more in bed.

The next day was more normal for me and was a Tuesday.

6:30 AM – Wake up when the husband leaves. Have my morning briefing (like the President) through Facebook, Twitter, etc and reply to email.

7:30 AM – Head downstairs to finish quilting a baby quilt that is due on Thursday. Watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. while sewing.

The quilt is whales. I quilted waves in the blue fabric and seaweed in the pink borders.

I’m proud of this! I decided to free-hand stitch the baby’s name on the border. It turned out pretty good for not being marked and doing it on a domestic machine.

9:30 AM – Got dinner cooked so it just needed warmed up after work. It was a Mexican-flavored orzo casserole with two types of beans, olives, salsa, orzo, and corn. Also trimmed Freckles’ out of control frizzy hair. This is the worst thing that has ever happened to a dog anywhere anytime to hear her tell the story.

10:15 AM – Leave for work.

10:45 AM – Start reviewing lab results that we got in overnight.

11:00 AM – Doors open. I work at a walk-in clinic so we never know what will be coming in. It was fairly quiet this day. We never had more than 2-3 people waiting at a time.

2:15 PM – We got a lunch break and only 15 minutes late. Lunch doesn’t always happen. Ate in my car while listening to Somewhere Inside by Laura and Lisa Ling.

3:00 PM – Back to work. Still quiet. No major emergencies today and no staff injuries from restraining patients. Almost boring.

5:30 PM – Today was a short day and this is our official closing time. I left at 6 PM.

6:30 PM – Home and heating up dinner. Hung out with the husband watching MASH and Doctor Who.

8:30 PM – Started reading Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan until I fell asleep.