Tuesday March 8

I picked this day because I had nothing out of the ordinary planned at all.  It is my short day at work too so there will be other things to talk about.  It is also before the husband’s surgery and recovery which changed up the way we spend our days.


12:15 AM – The husband, who previously decided that it was too hot in the bedroom so he was going to sleep in the spare room, decides to come back to bed.  Powder and Freckles look at him with disgust from their sprawled out comfy positions on the bed.  I tell them that we are going to make room for Daddy and they grumble and huff but slide over. I’m the one that ends up with the least space but I’m being mature and not grumbly.

5:30 – I don’t usually hear the husband’s alarm but I do today.  It wakes me up from a dream about being at a vet conference where people were presenting techniques for examining flayed penis skin as a way to diagnose eye disease.  Other speakers were mad that the first presenters were doing it all wrong.  I don’t know what that means about my psyche.

6:30 – Wake up again when the husband leaves for work.  Start the Morning Briefing.  Lay in bed with my iPad and read Feedly, Facebook, post my new blog post to Twitter and Pinterest, read Twitter.

7:30 – Get up.  As soon as my feet hit the floor Freckles starts screaming that I have to feed the cats.  She likes to lick the spoon.  The bird is yelling too.  Package up my Ninja Swap to send to Bernadette in Australia.  Grab my iPod and headphones to finish up the last 20 minutes of:

Rejection Proof: 100 Days of Rejection, or How to Ask Anything of Anyone at AnytimeRejection Proof: 100 Days of Rejection, or How to Ask Anything of Anyone at Anytime by Jia Jiang





I have to finish the audiobook because:

Marked in Flesh (The Others, #4)Marked in Flesh by Anne Bishop


My preorder of the Marked in Flesh audiobook is here!!!


8:00 – 8:30 – Move some stuff in my sewing room to make room for an infrared sauna that I ordered yesterday.  Made dinner – mushroom soup with a cauliflower cream base (much better than it sounds) and oven roasted asparagus.  Actually fed the cats too so Freckles is happy.

8:30 -9:30 – Breakfast in the bathtub while watching an episode of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Then I get ready for work a little early because I need to stop at the post office.

11:00 – 2:00 – Morning office hours. We submitted 17 lab specimens last night so I had to go through all those results first. I work at a walk in clinic so we never know what the day will be like. This morning we saw 25 patients. Most were here for vaccines. There weren’t any critically ill patients. My tech and I did shave 1.2 lbs of matted hair off a cat though. That is a quiet morning for us. Maybe because yesterday was super busy.

1:57 – A cat who needs some in house lab work checks in. Crap. I thought we might get lunch today. Managed to get all done by 2:20. We will still get a little lunch break. Spent it eating Chipotle and listening to Marked in Flesh.

3:00 – Back to work until 5:30. Had one little land shark poodle lunge at a syringe I was using to give nose drops and bite the tip off of it. (No needle). I grabbed him and tilted him head down and shook him until he spit the piece of plastic out of his mouth. I’ve never had a dog do that before. I think my heart stopped for a bit as I envisioned him swallowing the plastic. I couldn’t put my hand in his mouth because he was a bitey little thing.

6:15 – Home and out for a walk with the husband and Freckles

7:15 – Eat dinner and play Alphabetty on my iPad while watching one episode of Miss Fisher’s and one episode of Person of Interest.

9:15 – In bed and reading The True Game by Sheri S Tepper while the husband watches YouTube videos.

10:15 – Lights out.


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