Yesterday I cleaned out my dresser and the clothes hanging in the closet. I did this mainly because I was looking for a particular pair of shorts (which I never found) and because we were going thrift store shopping today. I had to make room. This way I knew exactly what I had so I didn’t buy a bunch of unnecessary clothes. I stayed focused on sweaters which is what I really needed. I ended up giving away 3 small garbage bags full of clothes that weren’t flattering.

Time – about 20 minutes

2 Replies to “Declutter challenge #4”

  1. Yeah for getting stuff done!!! I’m thinking I really need to get in and do my bathroom this weekend. I cannot tell you the last time I cleaned off the vanity. I’ve got so much clutter there now, I’ve no idea what all there is anymore.

    Best of luck with your next cleaning and de-cluttering endeavors!

  2. You have inspired me.. my sink is shiny.. my bathroom is clean and I decluttered under the sink yesterday and today I did the top shelf of my closet!

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