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We used to have a lunch time walking routine at work. We would take any
staff dogs who were hanging around and go for walks. With schedule changes
this hadn’t happened in a while. Besides, my favorite walking buddy no
longer speaks to me.

Several years ago I was walking a Lhasa who loves squirrels. He found one in
a bush by the road. He didn’t notice it run out of the bush, up a light
pole, and down the wires to a distant tree. He knew it was still there. He
wouldn’t leave. He just kept barking at the bush. I ended up having to carry
him back to the office. He was spitting mad. It was like trying to carry a
greased pig. I was taking him away from his squirrel. He snubbed me the
next day when it was walking time and hasn’t spoken to me since. It has been
years. I don’t even know if he remembers why he hates me. He’s just put a
big red X over me in his brain and that was that.

It was nice today so I decided to take a new puppy out. He’s a boxer/basset
mix. He was very unsure about this. I’m the lady that yells at him when he
bites my ankles. Why was I taking him away from his mommy? I pretty much had
to drag him while we were heading away from the office. Once we turned
around he started having fun.