We went, we rode, we about melted into globs of goo because it was so hot! I think she did much better in test A this time than last time. At least, we had different problems this time. Last time she wouldn’t keep trotting because there were mud puddles and she kept gawking around and not paying attention. This time she forgot that she had brakes. So our stop at X the first time was muddled because I expected normal braking ability and she didn’t have it. Then it was ok until our first circle when she decided that she was going to take off like a rocket and still didn’t have any brakes. But the rest of the test was ok for her.

But she melted in test B. It was hot enough that my saddle felt a bit soft. How hot does it have to be for leather to melt? It was 93 degrees according to the thermometer in my car. About halfway through the test we had to trot across the diagonal. As we started across she decided that she had had enough and she was leaving. At a walk. I was legging her like crazy to keep her going. She never broke to a walk but she wanted to. We finished the test but we made a bunch of wavy lines. I wanted to go straight and she wanted to veer towards the outgate.

On the way home I saw a dead person. Traffic was backed up and the police were just getting there. It was out in the middle of the country and a person was lying half on and half off the road. He (I’m not actually sure of the sex) was covered up with some white towels that I guess the police had. I could see a hand and the towels covering the face were all bloody. I didn’t see any cars other than the police cars. I’ll have to go to the library in a few days and see the local papers to find out what happened.