I’ve always wanted an upright freezer. Forever and forever I’ve wanted it. It isn’t a huge purchase but I’ve never managed to get one. Until today.


Yeah!!!!! I bought her accessories because every girl needs some. She has whiteboards with purple borders to record what is in her so I don’t forget and keep buying the same thing over and over. This was a problem I noticed when I cleaned out the refrigerator’s freezer.

I’m fighting the urge to buy her one other accessory though – a bowling ball in a case. My parents’ freezer didn’t seal correctly on the bottom of the door. To keep it shut my mother put a bowling ball in a case against the door. I’m not sure why we owned such a thing since no one bowled. To open the freezer you pivoted the case with your right foot by sweeping across your body towards the left. Then you opened the door, took what you needed, shut the door, and reversed the foot action to pivot the case back in place. I have done this thousands of times. I have muscle memory. It seems wrong to open a freezer without moving a bowling ball.

My mother recently replaced that freezer. The top seal started to go bad. She also now has a bowling ball deficient freezer for the first time in over 30 years. Yes, she kept the broken old one that long. It worked so she saw no reason to change things. Is it any wonder why I’m so cheap sometimes?