The SO and I went to Quarter Horse Congress to see the freestyle reining.  This has been planned for months. This has been discussed for months.  That’s why when I got home from work and said that we should leave around 4 and he looked at me incredulously and said, “What? I’m not going anywhere today,” he almost was murdered.

He argued and whined and bitched but we went.  Then he found a trailer on display with HDTV and the game on.  He sat there while I walked around.  Then we went to our seats and his was broken.  Much more bitching ensued.  We finally got new seats in a box.

Finally, after that we got to see the event. Excuse the picture quality, it is dark and the horses are moving fast.

This guy wasn’t the best reiner but I think he had the most fun. He had a pink feather boa, a tiara, and fairy wings. Whenever he spun he put his finger on his head like a ballerina.


This was a better ride with a good costume. There were gold metallic streamers in the mane and tail.


My favorite costume was Tarzan and the elephant. There was much speculation around us as to the feelings of the horse about this – ranging from “Thank God no one knows it is me under here” to “I am so bucking you off tomorrow.” I was just impressed the trunk stayed on.


Here is the winner doing a bridleless routine. I found it on YouTube this morning.