A few good things have come from the saddle problems. I have a regional representative from the company (actually a friend of mine) coming over to look at it this weekend. The national company has been very helpful. And most important has been Prize’s reaction to this. Remember that the root cause of the big wreck with her last year was trying a new riser pad under this saddle. She freaked out and went off bucking wildly eventually hitting a fence and catapulting me over it. This time she just refused to trot. I’m a bit slow on the uptake so she finally shot me a look at said, “Look lady. Six months at boarding school after the last incident may have taught me not to buck when I get mad but you are seriously close to pushing me over the edge.” Most surprisingly of all I got the message and quit. I was so proud of her. That shows real maturity for her since a year ago “mad or frustrated” meant “throw the mother of all temper tantrums.”