I gave away my house today. I signed a quit claim deed to get my name off the property. Officially, I was awarded the right to live there while the ex paid the mortgage until it sold. When it sold I was to receive any profits. Unofficially, it was a nightmare to maintain and expensive to heat and in this market I’ll ever see a dime of profit.

When the ex changed his mind about listing it for sale, I was done. I don’t trust him on this. He’s moved out of state and is just going to let it rot, I’m afraid. He has grandious plans but they don’t happen. So I decided to just give it to him and walk away. That gets me out of paying the utilities and insurance like I had agreed to in the divorce.

I’m officially homeless now. I like to consider myself a squatter in the SO’s house. I always had the fallback of going back to my old house if he kicked me out. No more safety net now.

The only bad thing about that is filling out forms. They always ask if you own or rent your house. There is no choice for squatting. I’m going to start a protest. Squatters of the world unite!